Former Dental Lab Technician Creates Incredibly Realistic Mutants

Kansas based artist Morgan Loebel spent 20 years creating countless artificial teeth through his work as a dental lab technician. In his words, most of his days were spent "fabricating realistic, detailed crowns, bridges and other dental prosthesis." In 2012, however, he discovered the magic of polymer clay and his professional life went in a new direction. 

Now, Morgan makes gruesome monsters and mutants that are so impressively detailed that they have begun to garner him some well-earned attention, and money! Check out these nightmarish, custom phone cases:

"I love creating beings that have realistic features, from the eyes, teeth and the wrinkles in its flesh."

We think you'll agree that he made the right choice to give up his day job! But these pocket monsters aren't his only creations. Take a peak at some of these ghoulish gifts:

Anatomically Correct Heart Necklace

This might make a nice anniversary gift, no? Or Valentine's Day? It's just so romantic!

Tongued Creature Necklace

French kiss, anyone?

Cyclops Pencil Holder

This guy looks like he could use some eye drops... and a good tooth whitening.

Necronomicon Ain't Got Nothin' on THESE

Like what you see? Be sure to check out Morgan's Facebook, DeviantArt and Etsy pages. He's been super busy, as you can imagine, but if you're lucky perhaps he'll make you a custom phone case or necklace of your very own. 

Author: Nate Morgan