15 Nightmare Causing TRUE Scary Stories . We dare you to listen to these alone! (Video)

Top15 con on YouTube compiled some very creepy stories shared by Reddit users.  These are all real life stories and all of these have one thing in common, they will give you goosebumps! 

The experiences are from (Credit of each story goes to their respective Reddit user):
Dr. Ramsey (sweetmercy)
Roommate Wanted: Female Only (ScarsAndStripes)
My neighbor has lost it (MoxieStrangler)
Heartbreaking. (Deleted Reddit Account)
I thought he was my friend (pocky-town)
Teacher video tapes my elementary school gym class then flips when classmate finds the camera (k0matosed)
"Open up, it's the police!" (cu_ui)
The Smiling Man (blue_tidal)
A true, very creepy surveillance story. (coolvy)
How I saved my brother from getting kidnapped (h0meslice)
My sister claimed someone comes into her house in the middle of the night. (Deleted Reddit Account)
Stranger under the bed (myhra)
Don't look for her, pretend you never saw her. - La Llorona. (AZRedbird)
The Night That Made Me Change My Life. (ImSoLuckyz)
My mum used to clean houses. She quit after this. (WalterDisneey)