11 Sultry and Spooky Halloween Tights!

This Halloween, get your gams into something grisly. These festive and freaky tights could be the missing ingredient, the perfect finishing touch on that fierce costume you've been planning on wearing. So feast your eyes on this slice of Halloween fashion- your legs will thank you, especially if you live somewhere cold.   

1. Kittens!

These are so adorable! They also come in kitties with bow ties and a couple of different animal choices, all available here.

2. Cross Bone Thigh Highs

These frisky stockings will bring all the boys and girls to the boneyard. (We love those extra flirty bows). Available here.

3. Blood Splattered Tights

This ensemble will bring out the inner murderess in any good girl. Do your dirty work with style. Available here.

4. Dancing Skeletons

Forget all of the blood and gore, some of us just want to be whimsical for Halloween. These dancing skeleton tights definitely bring playful to the party. Available here.

5. Zombie Tights

For those of you craving something a little more realistic, these tights from Etsy will make you look like a rough-and-tumble, no nonsense b*tch. Perfect for zombie girls or zombie hunters. Grab 'em here.

6. Skull and Crossbones

Skulls seem to be perpetually "in", so these tights could be worn for a variety of occasions. Especially punk concerts. You can pick them up here.

7. Corpse Bride

These delightful lovelies are available here

8. Muscles & Tendons

Leave even less to these imagination with these creepy, anatomically explicit tights! Available here.

9. Black and Orange Stripes

These are always great for the staple Halloween characters. Witch, pumpkin, pumpkin fairy, "Mrs." Freddy Krueger, jester, clown- these babies are versatile! 

10. Webs

These lovely, asymmetrical spiderweb tights are available here.

11. Bionic Skeleton

Love these badass tights! Get them here.

Author: Nate Morgan