Check out these Inexpensive, Creepy but Classy DIY Halloween Decorating Ideas.

Now that it's October it's time to start thinking more seriously about how you'll decorate your house this year. For those of you who like Halloween, but would prefer a more "Classy and Creepy" look this October, here are some ideas about how you can decorate inside and outside your house. 

In this video, Morgan and Reiko encourage you to pick a theme and stick to it, in order to stay on track and keep it classy this Halloween. 

In this video, you can get some ideas for 5 simple "Creepy buy Classy" DIY Halloween decorations that can be done in a very quick amount of time. 

Here are some more fun, affordable and creative ways to use things you might already have lying around your house to make creative, creepy and classy decorations this halloween season. 

Have fun decorating!

Article by Rajmani Sinclair, October 3, 2016