Here's What Classic Disney Characters Would Look Like in a Tim Burton Film

What would our favorite Disney characters have looked like if Tim Burton created them? What if he directed all those classic animated movies we grew up watching? Well, thanks to Los Angeles based artist Andrew Tarusov, now we know! 

Tarusov reimagined beloved Disney characters in the stark, eerie style of Tim Burton's animators, and the result is pure (dark) magic. Take a peak at his creations below:

1. Spooky Bambi

Hunters beware! 

2. The Nightmare Before Simba

The ultimate mashup!

3. Deadly Dalmations

They'll turn Cruella into a coat.

4. Disturbed Dumbo

I mean, this is probably more accurate than the original. Dumbo had a totally screwed up life!

5. Beauty and... the Babadook?

Who captured who?

6. Move Over, Stepmother

This Snow White doesn't sing to cute bunnies and birds. She sings to spiders.

7. Part of Your Underworld

Omg, she has gills!

8. Arabian Frights

Because a street rat like Aladdin would have a crustache.

9. Once Upon A Nightmare

When true love's kiss doesn't work, resort to freaky science.

10. When You Wish Upon A Dark Star

This is by far the scariest one of them all. *Shudder*

Andrew is also known for his Disney princess and villain pin-ups!

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Author: Nate Morgan