These Shocking Body Art Illusions Will Blow Your Mind! (Video)

We're used to seeing optical illusions in books and other print media, but on a human hand?! Thanks to French artist Jordan Molina (also known as TutoDraw) and his gruesomely realistic body art, we can see the magic that's possible when optical illusion finds a home on the human palm. 

Get ready for a total mind-bender!

According to, the mental mechanism triggered by optical illusions is called "top-down processing", in which the brain is tricked into filling in visual gaps. If the illusion is convincing enough, the resulting mental image is derived from context and expectation as opposed to what's actually on the page, or in Jordan's case, the palm!

And of course, Molina's deft artistic skill and attention to detail make each creation extremely unsettling and surprising. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

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And be sure to visit the artist's YouTube and Facebook pages for more artistic exploration. 

Author: Nate Morgan