The Best of DIY Halloween Decor

Even though it's still summer, die-hard Halloweeners have already begun to think about how they'll be spending their Hallows' Eve. If you're planning to deck out your residence with spooks and spirits this year, we have some crafty ideas for you to get creative with. These simple decorations are relatively affordable and easy to execute- a great activity for the whole family.

Happy decorating! 

1. Lovely Luminaries

Super fun and easy, paper luminaries a great way to spruce up your haunted house by lining the walls or stairways. All you need are paper bags (recycled is better!) and electric tea lights. Each bag can feature a unique design, or a word that creates a sentence when placed in sequence with the other bags.

2. Candy Corn Centerpiece

A classy candy corn centerpiece can be the perfect Halloween touch to your dining area. Just spray paint candy corn colors (yellow, orange and white) onto old glass bottles and then decorate according to your personal style. It never hurts to throw some yummy candy corns in there somewhere!

3. Mason Jar Luminaries

Make these cuties with the help of some orange tissue paper (for the pumpkin option) or cheese cloth/gauze (for the mummy). Then pop a candle in and watch them glow! For step-by-step instructions, click here.

4. Ghostly Globes

Just pop some glow sticks into white balloons, inflate, and draw on some faces with black sharpie. Then turn off then lights and get ready to seriously spook you guests!

5. Mousy Madness

Eeeek!! This one may hit too close to home in residences with actual rodent problems! But at least these little mice won't steal food or leave droppings on the floor. On some black cardstock, trace mice or any creatures of your choice (spiders perhaps?), cut them out, adhere them to your stairs or a wall, and throw in some small pumpkins and candles for a more festive vibe. You can get the mice silhouettes pictured above from the Martha Stewart collection.

6. Cat O’Lanterns

This one may be our favorite! Nobody will be expecting spooky black cats with glowing eyes to greet them on your porch. A truly unique way to incorporate pumpkins and gourds into your Halloween decor. See the step-by-step directions here. 

7. Witch Hat Luminaries

We adore these floating witch hats! Although this project takes a little more time and commitment, you won't be disappointed by the result. Plus, it's super cheap! Check out the tutorial here.

8. Tin Can Luminaries

Perfect for lining a driveway or the front porch, these can luminaries are a classic decor trick. Some even hang them from the ceiling for a more haunting look. Interested? Follow these project guidelines from JollyMom.

9. Floating Ghost

This one will leave your guests wondering "but.. how?!" Surprisingly, this ghost is one of the easiest options on this list. See the video tutorial below: 

10. Bats in Flight 

Bats are some of the creepiest creatures of Halloween iconography and truly deserve a place in any haunted house. Cut bats in all different shapes sizes out of black cardstock, and adhere them to a large wall. 


Pumpkins aren't just for carving. You can spruce them up with ribbon, buttons, markers, fabric or whatever! The button pumpkin pictured above is vaguely reminiscent of the film Coraline.. wouldn't you agree? See the tutorial here.

12. Tombstones

All you need to make your yard into a cemetery are a few sheets of styrofoam and some grey paint. Before you know it, people will be holding their breath as they pass your house (remember  that little superstition?) See the tutorial for foam headstones here.

13. Glowing Eyes

You'd be surprised what you can do with a few toilet paper rolls and some glow sticks! Cut out some evil-looking eyes in the cardboard, insert the glow sticks, and place them carefully in the bushes surrounding your house. The neighbors will be totally freaked!

14. Monster Face Archway

Although this thing may look intimidating, it takes very few supplies and little effort. See the details here.

We think you'll agree that these little ghosties are adorable! Constructed out of a string of white lantern lights covered in white cloth, this ghostly garland is an easy way to bring Halloween to your home. Check out the full project details

Which decor idea was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

Author: Nate Morgan