More of The Best DIY Halloween Decor!

As far as we're concerned, it's never too early start preparing for the fall season. In fact, we think about Halloween and all things autumnal practically year-round! So we put together another list of spooky DIY décor to get you psyched for hot chocolate, nights by the fire, pumpkin flavored everything and, of course, All Hallows' Eve! For even more creative ideas, be sure to check out our first article on crafty decorations for the Halloween season.


1. Pumpkin String Art

While everyone else is busy carving pumpkins, do something unexpected with this neat and easy string art concept. All you need are small nails, some string and a little bit of imagination! 

2. Mummy Hand

Nothing says "yuck!" like an ancient, dismembered mummy hand lying on the coffee table. Just fill up a disposable glove with cotton balls, all the way up to the fingertips. Then, wrap approx. 5 yards of gauze completely around the glove and tie a knot at the bottom to secure. You can even apply some brown chalk to give the hand a dirty, aged look. Throw in some plastic spiders and, voila!

3. Peculiar Potions

This one's super easy and perfect for any adult Halloween gathering. Grab some bottles from the pantry or take a trip to the nearest thrift store and grab the oldest glass decanters you can find. Then, create your own spooky labels with words like "elixir", "posion", "witches brew" or whatever you think will creep out your guests the most! 

4. Wicked Witch Candies

This easy-to-make candy container will scare the socks off all your guests! All you need is some dark-colored candy, a clear container and some black cardstock for the hat. See project details here.

5. Webbed Candles

Simple, fun and classic, these spiderweb candles will add the perfect macabre touch to any Halloween gathering. Make sure your candles are colored all the way through (some cheaper ones are not) grab a pencil, some paints, and go to town. Project details here.

6. Ghost Gourds 

Use your gourds in a totally unique way this Halloween; turn them into ghosts! Paint them white and use some black paint to give them eerie expressions. You can hang them, prop them up on your porch, or place them on windowsills. For a truly witchy look, go the extra mile by arranging some twigs, branches, and abandoned wasp nests around your most visible entrance.  

7. Mummy Lantern 

Luminaries are a must for any haunted house, and we recommend this cute and simple mummy mason jar lantern to really get the vibe going. Check out information about this easy project here.

8. Scaredy Cats

Felt is your friend! Cut some spooky cats out of black felt and glue them to the bottom of a tablecloth or large piece of orange felt. You can get this particular cat pattern from BHG.

9. Haunted Chandelier 

What a genius way to repurpose that dysfunctional umbrella sitting in your closet! Remove the fabric covering the skeleton of the umbrella, turn it upside down, and decorate with webs and bugs galore. Attach some battery-operated lanterns with S hooks for added spook-factor, and hang from the ceiling with some rope and a plant hook. 

10. Spidey Pops

These fun and crafty spider pops are perfect for the kids. Find the details for this project here.

11. Bejeweled Pumpkin

This one's for all the glamor queens! Embellish your pumpkins with shiny rhinestones and sequins, and glue on a silver-spray-painted spider to complete the look. 

12. Mysterious Light

Use some cheap and easy-to-find solar lights to illuminate your haunted gathering! Find the project details here.

13. Glowing Pumpkin

This one is always a hit. Simply paint some light-colored or white foam pumpkins with glow-in-the-dark paint, apply your choice of vinyl stick-on appliqués, and place them around the yard or porch. Then watch them glow eerily after the sun goes down. The neighbors will love it!

14. Ping Pong Ghosts

To make these cuties you'll need several ping pong balls, Christmas lights, cheesecloth, a marker, and glue. Simply poke a small hole into each ping pong ball with a nail and insert the Christmas lights into the balls. After drawing some spooky ghost faces onto the ping pong balls with black marker, gently place some small pieces of cut cheesecloth into some glue. Next, place the cheesecloth over the balls and let dry. Place the lights around your house or yard to creep out all your guests and neighbors!

15. Pumpkin Diorama

A pumpkin diorama may be slightly more work intensive, but believe us- it's totally worth it! You can find the project details here

Author: Nate Morgan