WATCH: Insanely Realistic & Scary Projections Might be Halloween Decorations of the Future!

While there will always be pumpkins on porches, fake cobwebs and spooky yard tombstones (we hope), Halloween decorations are becoming more and more advanced with the technological innovations of each passing year. We're partial to the time honored, nostalgia-inducing traditions that bring us back to our trick-or-treating days, but it's also interesting to see what's new in the Halloween market. 

One company that has taken Halloween decor to a whole new level is AtmosFX, who's shockingly realistic projections are making a splash in haunted houses everywhere. Take a peak at the video below to see the array of spooky, ghostly, and grotesque projection effects that are now available! 

What do you think? Like what you see? Get your projector kit here, and share your thoughts in the comment section below. Happy haunting!

Author: Nate Morgan