Top Animated Halloween Props 2017

Ready to turn your home into the perfect haunted house this year? These 15 animated props will be sure to take your halloween decorating to the next level:

1.    Fogging gargoyle

It’s been said that Gargoyles were first built to guard graveyards and ward off evil spirits, but what happens when the hideous stone statues become possessed by one? This sinister statue spouts deadly fog from its gaping mouth, guaranteed to terrify any trespasser who dares to cross its path. Fog machine is optional and sold separately.

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2. Shaking Chains

These animated shaking chains will have everyone thinking your space is haunted. These chains shake and rattle while moaning audio plays giving observers the sense that these chains are haunted.

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3. Haunted Mirror

Looks like an old style mirror. When activated a face lights up and speaks. Creepy Phrases it says: 

"I'm coming to get you....RUN while you Can!" 

"Let me out! Let me out!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh" 

"The time has come....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....!!"

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4. High Voltage Box

Don’t get too close! This awesome animatronic can be a little…shocking. From a zombie prisoner being held back by a high voltage fence, an inmate being taken to the electric chair, or a fried corpse come back from the dead, this high voltage box is the perfect way to add some authenticity to your electrifying Halloween display. Wires shake and sizzle with pops of white light that look just like some deadly voltage is flowing through them!

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5. Haunted Movie Projector

It’s the last remaining piece from the forgotten theater, but that doesn’t mean there’s no life left in this haunted projector. In fact, some say something still lurks within its lenses, waiting for a chance to distract you with a dancing skeleton. But be warned, once it has your attention, you’ll be stuck watching forever…and ever…and ever… Flick on the projector and watch the skeleton dance to the classic tune "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin! The perfect way to get your party guests up and dancing.

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6. Haunted Doll

This creepy 'Haunted Doll with Sound' is a sound-activated prop. When activated, the doll says the following phrases:
"Come play with me." 
"I'm watching you." 
"You drop me and I broke and that made me angry.

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7. Haunted See Saw

Forgotten and forsaken, these creepy dolls are left to seesaw alone for all time. This haunting prop features two Victorian dolls with hollowed-out eyes slowly riding on a seesaw while a chilling tune plays! Prop is easy to assemble and will add an unnerving effect to your Halloween decor. Great animated Halloween prop to add to your haunted house!

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8. Tricycle Doll

This sacred family antique has been passed down through generations and was once a beloved heirloom. Now, the dirty and beat up tricycle doll sits abandoned and unused. But this little doll is hiding something sinister. It’s gone from prized possession to just plain possessed! She rides back and forth on her own, pleading to be played with through her piercing blue eyes. It’s just best to let her be though; you don’t want to find out what happens when she’s interrupted. Now we know why it’s no longer a beloved heirloom. Dare you take on the demons within?

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9. Ghost Writing Book

Contact the other side when you decorate and play with the Ghost Writing Book. This spooky piece of decor features a sound activated sensor that initiates the book to write with our any assistance. It's the literature version of a spirit board.

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10. Skeleton Keys

Skeleton keys are supposed to help you get into any room of a house, but you may not want to touch these spooky keys! Designed to look like small skeleton heads and hanging from a bat sign, these keys will shake as the sign rocks from side to side. An eerie blue light flashes behind the sign as the sounds of howling wind plays, bringing this skeletal decoration to life!

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11. Crawling Hand

If you're all about scaring your friends on Halloween, this Crawling Monster Hand is a must have for your collection. Pale severed hand takes AAA batteries and crawls on its fingers. You'll have your hands full with this animated prop!

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12. Evil Eye Spell Book

The Evil Eye Spell Book sees all…even you! Terrify your guests with this spell book animatronic, which features an animated eye that opens and looks around as a strange woman speaks. The eerie voice may draw you in, but don’t let it fool you. This evil spell book will do anything but help you.

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13. Animated Chainsaw

Add some realistic details to your murderous costume when you have the Animated Chainsaw Prop. This awesome prop includes AA batteries that power the animation - it's a bloody good time!

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14. Life-Size Rocking Bat

This cool bat has fangs bared and he's ready to rock and roll! The bat sways and rocks while his red LED eyes flash and he emits spooky sounds. Freak out the family for scary fun!

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15. Animated Crow in Cage 

Realistic Crow In Metal Cage. When Crow Is Activated his Eyes Light Up Red, Wings Flap And Squawking Noise Is Made. Perfect addition to any home!

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Which ones are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!