Have You Seen These Lesser Known Horror Movies Available On Netflix

Nothing is more satisfying than binge watching Netflix through this chilly winter season. We all watch Stranger Things and the Marvel shows, but what if your tastes run even darker still? Netflix has a really great horror library, including some original content you can't find anywhere else. So plop down on the couch and snuggle under your blankets because it's time to check out some of the best horror movies currently on Netflix. 

The Babysitter

A perfect party movie, The Babysitter tells the tale of a kid with a crush on his babysitter, only to discover that she has sinister occult plans for him. A really funny, action-packed movie that's part Breakfast Club and part Halloween, you'll have a fun time with this one. 

Little Evil

Adam Scott brings his comedic chops to a horror comedy about a man whose stepson is probably the Antichrist. This movie is a very fun riff on The Omen, where the challenges of stepfatherhood is compounded by the paranormal influences around the kid's life. 

The Devil's Candy

Heavy metal, fine art, loving families of outsiders, and the devil himself clashes in this story about a family who moves into a new home. The father is an artist and begins seeing disturbing images in his art, which might tie into the activities of a serial killer who may be possessed by the devil. A great biblical allegory with one of the most likable families in all of horror films.  

Gerald's Game

I love this movie for the sheer strength of its acting, the psychological mind games, and some of the most horrifying images in horror film. It's a great single-room play and character study with a really shocking ending, all delivered by the talented new director Mike Flanangan 

Creep and Creep 2

This one is a love-it-or-hate-it kind of series, but I'm a big fan of Mike Duplass's mumblecore murder spree. If the story of a sensitive, over-introspective character who is also a serial killer, you'll appreciate this mind game of a series. Plus there's significant growth of the character between movies, and his sympathies aspects don't make him any less dangerous. 

Haunters: The Art of the Scare

This documentary about people who build haunted houses in their own homes focuses on the notorious Russ McKamey and his McKamey Manor, where guests endure an 8-hour torture session that they cannot escape. It's thoughtful and often uncomfortable watching, but it's one of the best documentaries I've ever seen on the fine line between real and fictitious scares. 

The Void

The Void is a love letter to 1980s horror, with a blend of Lovecraftian monsters, regal villains straight out of Hellraiser, and the fatal sieges of Prince of Darkness and Assault on Precinct 13. What starts off as a quiet night in a hospital quickly turns into a life and death struggle as the place falls under attack by a strange, sinister cult. This one is a must-watch for horror fans.  

Train to Busan

One of the best zombie movies of the last few years, Train of Busan tells the tale of an overworked father and his neglected daughter who come under siege by zombies while traveling on a high-speed train. This is a film of relentless action and deep emotion, as the father unlocks his paternal instinct in the face of the undead onslaught.  

I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House

This film requires patience and quiet attentiveness but I was rewarded by seeing one of the scariest films on Netflix. An atmospheric and lovely nightmare that recalls the work of Shirley Jackson, the film is about a lonely woman who becomes the caretaker of a retired horror writer. The house is haunted and the women descend into madness. The final few moments rank as some of the most haunting images in horror cinema. 

Would You Rather

A combination of torture porn and psychological thriller, Would You Rather was taught in my master's program as an example of building tension using every type of thriller technique in movie making. A group of people desperate for money are invited to a dinner by a rich benefactor, but the evening takes a turn for the worse with a deadly game of Would You Rather. The movie is smarter and more sophisticated than many torture films and a great mind game of a movie.  

Let us know what you think of these movies in the comment section and let us know some other favorites. There will be a follow up article in a bit, because I have OODLES of recommendations.