Enter The Creepy Collectible World of the Living Dead Dolls

In the last decade we have seen a really cool resurgence of doll collectibles with a macabre twist. From art dolls like Little Apple Dolls to blind box treasures like BE@RBRICKs, there are tons of neat, creepy dolls for you to decorate your home with. One of the longest running and most popular doll types is the Living Dead Dolls. These perennial Hot Topic favorites started off as a series of handmade dolls created by three friends in New Jersey, but the series has expanded to dozens of doll lines. Living Dead Dolls features both original creation characters and famous horror movie legends, and there is stuff out there to please every morbid collector out there. Best of all, unlike some of the fancier collectibles out there, you can start a Living Dead Doll collection without breaking your bank account!

Here at I Love Halloween, we're both horror fans and toy collectors, so we wanted to put the spotlight on a few of our favorite Living Dead Dolls.

Series One

Sadie, Sin, Posey, Eggzorcist, and Damien started the Living Dead Dolls off. These longtime favorites have sadly been laid to rest (LDD-speak for having been retired) but they were resurrected for the LDD 13th anniversary special! 







Bloody Eggzorcist

Released as a special edition, this longtime favorite Living Dead Doll looks like it went through quite a rough day! This special variant had a very limited release and has become a collector's item!



Hellraiser Variants 

My personal favorite Living Dead Dolls are their Hellraiser variants. I have a beautiful red Pinhead that I keep in my trophy case, and their other striking collectibles rank among some of best horror pieces I've ever seen. Many people seem to agree with me because they've become a very popular item!


Black Pinhead

Red Pinhead


Did we miss any of your favorites? Please let us know in the comments below! 

Happy shopping!