The Devil and Father Amorth is the documentary about a real-life exorcism by the director of The Exorcist

In 1973, director William Friedkin shocked the world with The Exorcist, an intense horror film about a little girl's battle with the devil and the priests dedicated to saving her soul. It captures deeply-held fears about the Devil and terrified an entire generation of viewers. Then in 2017, William Friedkin released a film that captured the true story of a real life exorcist with the documentary The Devil and Father Amorth. You can watch the film streaming on Netflix now. 


The film fathers Father Gabriele Amorth, the head of a Catholic exorcist order, as they attempt the 9th exorcism of "Cristina," an Italian woman in the town of Venafro.   Father Amorth has claimed to have performed tens of thousands of exorcisms since started under the tutelage of Fr. Candido Amantini. He is the founder of the International Association of Exorcists from back in 1990, and he was active for decades up until his death in 2016. The movie is a fascinating glimpse of the intersection of faith, madness, evil, and tradition.