The story of the mysterious and rare 'Wonder Bread' He Man

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The mysterious Wonder Bread Savage He-Man from 1981.

In 1983 Mattel did with a buy 3 get 1 free deal with some of their toy lines. Basically the deal was if you purchased one of the 4 items you received a free toy from the same line.
The lines in the promotion were Barbie Fashions, Monchichi clipons, Dazzle Dolls and The Masters of the Universe MOTU Man-E-Faces. The insert is believed to be inside the packaging of each figure or it was displayed in a coupon tear out near the figures.

In a few weeks the fans that selected MOTU received an odd He-man like figure with brown hair and trunks with black boots with two accessories that was never mentioned. Even former MOTU Art Director Ron Cook couldn't explain to me when I met him in Daytona in 2016 he reason for this figure.
About 3 years later in 1986, Wonder bread and MOTU did a trading card promotion that was inserted in loaves of bread just as the show went into reruns/ syndication on the USA network.

About 15 years ago, both the cards and this odd figure started to turn up with the tremendous cult following MOTU has along with the rise of the Modern Conventions we know today.
Mike's Dead Formats has done some research and believes we have solved this puzzle.
The figure was done as a mail in promotion and had nothing to do with Wonder bread.
The figure was thought to be prototype that Mattel used to get the Conan movie rights and when talks failed Mattel created a Conan like character and went to Filmation to create a cartoon for a toy line.

In fact in 1984, Conan Properties, Inc. sued Mattel, Inc., alleging copyright infringement, trademark infringement, unfair competition, dilution, breach of contract, and fraud.
Mattel then used this prototype and created a few for this promotion and then mailed them to customers as seen in the baggy (with another coupon).
The real name of the figure is Savage He-Man aka Wun-Dar. He was born one hundred years before Prince Adam, and lived in the savage underground city of Tundaria. One day, he saved a young woman who turned out to be the Goddess of Eternia.

The figure has the date on his back of 1981 and is graded to be from 1982. He came with a dark brown sword and axe. (Photo one in case)
Any other weapons like the shield and chest cover came from the Weapons Pak which was off color accessories you could purchase (since they always went missing or your dog chewed them up).
Kids that got the figure matched up the colors with a brown shield and a black W chest cover that was a copy of MOTU's Zodak armor.

Now how the Wonder bread connection started because of the W on the armor that the figure is seen with in most cases and the fact the collector cards always seemed to be in a collection.
This figure was NEVER a Wonder Bread promotion.

If you locate this figure or have him in your collection, he is the gold standard of 80's toys. He is one of the in demand MOTU figure in the entire line. If your planning on purchasing a Savage He-Man aka Wun-Dar look over at the sources I used for this story to make sure you don't get a custom figure.