Prepare to See Some of the Most Disturbing and Realistic-Looking Cakes You've Ever Seen

Cake is something we often associate with an uplifting celebration- an anniversary, a birthday, a wedding. But what happens when you combine cake-baking with some of the less palatable, more gruesome aspects of life? Meet the young and talented Katherine Dey, a registered nurse from upstate New York who has an extraordinary talent for baking up all things morbid and macabre.

First up, we have this disgusting, blood-sucking insect cake! 

Dey explains her motives to Buzzfeed:

"I am inspired by a lot of things. I love that strange feeling I get when something looks real but it isn’t. Or when a cake doesn’t look particularly appetizing but it is a cake and it tastes delicious. I like to make people feel two conflicting things at once. The subjects I choose are things that have interested me forever, be it anatomy, mushrooms, or portraiture"...

Or lampreys!

Though she only started making cakes a few year's ago, Katherine has already reached a high level of intricacy in her work. Thematically, she's come a long way since her first cake creation, which was apparently a tree stump with mushrooms growing out of it. Now she prefers to conjure up more nausea-inducing yummies, like this human brain complete with anatomically accurate brainstem: 

Or this veiny, blood-soaked heart.

As you can imagine, her cakes elicit a wide range of reactions.

“The reaction is usually a strong one,” says Dey. "Some people are excited about them, some people are a little disgusted.”

In what may come as a surprise, no one has ever been too repulsed by the style of presentation to refuse a bite: “I have to say, no matter how disgusted some people may be, in the end no one has refused to eat the cake,” says Dey.

So, yes. Someone, if not multiple people, ate this baby's head.

Lucky for us, Katherine is currently in the process of filming a cake-making tutorial for YouTube. We can't wait to see how she works her gory magic. Here's to hoping it goes viral! 

Would you taste any of these unique cakes? Share your reaction in the comment section below. Also, be sure to check out these 12 Amazing Skull Cakes

Author: Nate Morgan