10 Genuinely Freaky Halloween Costume Masterpieces. #8 wow!

The following cosplay artists deserve a free ticket to Comic Con AT LEAST! Throw in a float at the Halloween parade and we can call it square. We think you'll agree that the people behind these creative looks are wildly talented and expert fear-inducers. Let us know which look is your favorite in the comment section below!

1. Play Time with Bert and Ernie

Well, it looks like Bert and Ernie's fame led them down a dark path. From the looks of this picture, I'd say they got sucked into the meth scene. Thank you to reddit user ProbableCause for ruining childhoods everywhere. 

2. Parasyte

Introducing Migi the hand parasite. Cute, no? It's the realistic simplicity of this one that makes it so incredibly creepy. Bravo KickTyan; your deadly handshake is now feared worldwide. 

3. Pale Man

This look is one of the most work-intensive ones in the bunch. According to artist CarnevaleObscura, this Pan's Labyrinth character had to be sculpted, molded, casted in latex and painted. And not for nothing- It almost looks scarier than the original!

4. Flesh Mask

The talented Sandra Holmbom is a true connoisseur of cosmetic transformation, and this now popular flesh mask is one of her iconic looks. Check out Sandra's youtube channel by clicking on her name or visit her blog here.

5. Undead Nurse from Silent Hill

The Silent Hill nurses have haunted our dreams ever since the first movie came out in 2006. Now, thanks to cos play artist Shinadragonheart, one of these nurses is back to remind us why we spent the subsequent years afraid to go to the hospital. This, dear Shina, is truly sinister.

6. Spitter

Inspired by a particularly gruesome character from the first-person shooter game Left 4 Dead, this getup only took Avianna a day to prepare. Pretty good for a dead girl! 

7. Slender Man 

There have been a few too many near misses when it comes to Slender Man costumes, but this one shared by The_Budha_Palm hits the nail right on the head. The unnatural proportions and featureless face remind us why Slender Man broke the internet long before Kim K thought of doing it. If you're not impressed, click here to see how the costume was assembled... It takes guts to walk around on stilts with a sheet over your face!

8. Ballerina Dentata 

If you don't know who this demented ballerina is, do yourself a favor and go watch Cabin In The Woods, right now! You'll thank us. And great job to MissPyramidHead4 for this terrifying cosplay. It really pays homage to the twisted innovation of the film.

9. Carnage

This grisly rendition of Spiderman's supervillain Carnage is undoubtedly the work of a master, and that master is a Russian cosplayer known as TheAwesomeSpin. Also, thumbs up to the cosplay photographer Ocean for capturing this guy so vividly!

10. No Face Joker

It's no surprise that this superbly shocking look came from the Cinema Makeup School. The looks they create run the gamut and are always top notch- It's definitely worth checking them out. This insane Joker made his first public appearance in San Diego's 2013 Comic Con. 

Which one is your favorite?

Author: Nate Morgan