The Perfect Holiday Gifts For The Horror Fan In Your Life


Lovers of the macabre are often difficult to shop for. Their tastes don't always align with the "be of good cheer" aesthetic of the season. Fortunately, the collection of vampire weirdos at ILoveHalloween have put together the ultimate shopping guide for you. Get your creepy nephew something they will treasure. Give your morbid grandpa something special for his trip to the boneyard. 

Welcome to I Love Halloween's Official Shopping Special! *kazoo noise*

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3D Pennywise The Dancing Clown High Heels 

For the drag queen in your life, nothing says "we all float down here" like a pair of custom made horror high heels! This shop makes all kinds of scary character shoes for all your favorite monsters. So slip on a pair of these and get ready to paint the town red! 

Buy them here. 

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Living Dead Dolls: The Exorcist Edition

Nothing says "I sometimes have ambivalent feelings about parenthood" than giving your little offspring a doll inspired by the classic horror film The Exorcist. This doll is one of the Living Dead Dolls line, a popular horror-inspired doll series. It's creepy, it's cute, and it's just the kind of thing a child would want to be tucked into bed with. 

Buy her here.  

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Vincent Price Limited Edition Bobbleheads

The stately old grandfather of the horror genre, the campy superstar Vincent Price has been immortalized in a bobblehead! Shown dancing with his co-star from The House on Haunted Hill, this would be a great gift for anyone in your family with a flat surface to display it on! 

Get one here.  

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The Evil Within 2 for Playstation 4

Everyone has their favorite beloved basement-dwelling, video gaming C.H.U.D. relative and this year's spooky delight is the game The Evil Within 2! Join detective Sebastien Castillianos in another mind-bending adventure where nothing needs to make sense because they're all trapped in a computer generated shared consciousness! 

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Custom Name Personal Embroidered Black Santa Hat

The best way to say "ho-ho-hell no!" this holiday season is with your very own embroidered black Santa hat. For all you Grinches out there, this is perfect for the office holiday party that you have to attend. 

Buy it here. 

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Betrayal at House on the Hill

As we all know, the holidays bring people together, and what helps further that bond more than a game about betrayal and murder, set in a terrifying haunted house? Betrayal at House on the Hill is a scary board game that's great entertainment for those post-dinner nights when you just need to screw over the people you've been arguing politics with all night. 

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Krampus Ugly Christmas Sweater - Horror Holiday Theme

You know how everyone always says having children is the best thing ever, but then you actually have them and they're just little monsters? Well, help put the fear of Krampus into them with this very special Krampus sweater! See how quiet they'll be when a Teutonic demon comes around with a switch and a burlap sack!

Get it here! 

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The New Annotated H.P. Lovecraft by Leslie S. Klinger

This beautiful book is an illustrated and annotated account of the most popular stories by legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft. It's a fantastic gift for your strange daughter who spends far too much time staring at distant shores. 

Get it here. 

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Five Nights at Freddy's Horror Game Bedding Duvet Cover

Odds are you have a small child in the family somewhere, and odds are they have free access to the Internet and can therefore watch God knows what. Well, kids are in love with YouTube play throughs of Five Nights At Freddy's, the video game where a security guard is hunted by robot characters in a closed pizza joint. Kids love this stuff and nothing will make your little ones happier than a Five Nights At Freddy's duvet cover. Now they can curl themselves up in bed and daydream about what could happen to them once the power runs out. 

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Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula Bust

One of the most important horror icons of all time, Bela Lugosi is enshrined forever in this beautiful bust. It's a perfect piece for a den or study and can be used as a handy weapon should your home become the scene of a deadly murder mystery! 

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