Too spooked to spell! 13 crazy spelling mistakes on Halloween merchandise

You know Halloween excitement is really in the air when the people entrusted with creating our Halloween costumes, decorations and knickknacks make scary spelling errors, and then those unedited products come back to haunt those of  us who care about proper usage of the English language. 

Here are some of the wackiest examples: 

#1.  This kooky cookie


#2. These sinister socks

#3. This basically beautiful banner

#4. A sign of empty promises

#5. The 'my children wanted me to write it wrong' sign

#6. The grave mistake


#7.  Geometry strikes back

#8. Too much tomfoolery

#9. A Canadian ghost apology for not being sccary

10. Those Dam'n horns

#11. Doo-it!


#12. The spooky skulls' vacation day

#13. Too tired for a full blown boo

Compiled by Gal Shyli Dayan

Sourced from someecards