17 Outrageous Halloween Homes!

One of our favorite things about Halloween are the outrageous home decorations that seem to pop up out of nowhere every October. Each neighborhood has one of "those" houses- the ones that seem to be in relentless competition for the Most Festive House award. To say the inhabitants of such houses are dedicated is a gross understatement, and we have nothing but respect for their enthusiasm. So, we've collected some of the most over-the-top and fabulous Halloween decorations we could find. Enjoy!

1. Facade

Is the front of your house not scary enough? Why not build a whole new home exterior in front of your own? It only requires 100% of your time, energy, blood, sweat and tears!

2. Nightmare Before Christmas

The home above deserves no less than a personal doorstep visit from Tim Burton himself! The props were all handmade by Sue Robers, one of our friends at I Love Halloween.  

3. Giant Spider

Wow... Looks like the enormous arachnid apocalypse is finally upon us. Hope these people have home insurance!

4. Ghostbusters!

"If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?"... Not these residents. They'll just make everything more strange.

5. Nasty Nest

Not even the pumpkins are enjoying this creepy crawly situation. This is one porch you don't want to linger around for too long! Photo from The Garden Glove.

6. Crash Landing

Sadly, these decorations are usually short-lived because the government comes to clean them up immediately.

7. Plants Vs. Zombies

If you've never played Plants Vs. Zombies you should change that real quick.

8. Halloween Extravaganza

... And as the giant spider apocalypse continues, even the babies lust for human blood! This gorgeous house was decorated by Kimberly Hodder Johnson, a friend of I Love Halloween

9. Michael Bay Realness

This. Is. Epic. The whole Transformers gang is there, casually chilling in front of this suburban house and holding skulls on chains. It doesn't get more badass than that.

10. All Lit Up

Turn down for what?

11. Want A Ride?

April Victorine, a friend of I love Halloween,  created this awesome haunted carriage scene completely from scratch.

12. Pumpkin King

How on Earth was this built?! We're pretty sure the reason that man is smiling is because he somehow avoided certain death while erecting that monstrosity. 

13. Prehistoric NIghtmares

It would be awesome if they had the Jurassic Park theme playing from hidden speakers as people drove by. Totally kickass.

14. Peekaboo!

"Honey, do you ever get the feeling that the neighbors are watching us?"  

15. A Simpsons Halloween

IDK... Maybe they are into the Simpsons? 

16. Jack O' Lanterns Galore

100% pure Halloween awesomeness! This image is of the Kenova's Famous Griffith Pumpkin House.

17. Zombieland

We thought sleek, modern houses like this one couldn't get any more sinister. We were wrong.

Text by Nate Morgan