Here's What Happened When A Nail Artist Didn't Cut Her Claws For 3 Whole Years

True story ya'll: Simone Christina, a 16-year-old nail artist, hasn't cut her nails since August 2014. 

Check it out:

Simone told Buzzfeed:

"I started growing my nails because I really got into nail art. I'm also a huge fan of Gwen Stefani and Lana del Rey. They inspired me because they both have beautiful, long nails that fascinate me."

According to Simone, it takes her about 3 full hours to paint her nails, and 1.5 hours to remove her nail polish. That's real dedication! She usually paints her nails every 2 weeks, setting aside time during the weekend to complete the lengthy process.

You may be thinking "wait, those are actually real?" Yes, 100%. And though Simone used to take biotin pills for strong nails, she no longer takes supplements.

We can only imagine what it's like to go about day-to-day activities with those claws! Surprisingly, Simone told Buzzfeed that it's not such an inconvenience: 

"Many people think that going to the bathroom, doing my makeup, or typing on my phone is difficult, but surprisingly, it's no problem at all. Picking up coins or credit cards is kind of tricky though." 

When asked why she decided not to cut them, Simone responded;

"The longer they got, the more I liked them. Many people complimented me and it made me so happy. Over time, they became a part of me and my identity, so it became more and more difficult to cut them. I guess you could say I'm addicted to growing my nails."

And don't forget folks, under the long nails is a regular girl- so don't be rude!

"I can completely understand that some people don't like my nails, and it's also fine for them to share their opinion about them with me, but please don't insult me or be rude to me. It's OK to look different because the world would be a very sad place if everyone looked the same."

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