Check out these amazing treats from this trickster artist!

You will never believe the intricate details captured in the stunning artwork created by Sue Beatrice of All Natural Arts. Her art that rests within antique pocket watches is so beautiful and so unique, you can't help but feel moved! I Love Halloween had the pleasure of interviewing Sue recently and got some insider information about her work. 

Some of our Halloween favorites from All Natural Arts:

"The only constant in my day is coffee...I guess I am not the only one!"

Sue laughs as she explains why the jack-o-lantern is holding a Dunkin' Donuts mug. This piece was inspired by descriptions of the friend that this timeless gift was commissioned for.

Guess what? Sue used metal from the interior lid of the watch to make the cut out face of the jack-o-lantern. What a cool and creative use of the materials!

The amazing antique watches Sue uses are primarily from the 19th century. Sue is constantly collecting and searching for old pocket watches, many come all the way from Argentina!

While Sue works, she loves to "think of who once owned [the watches] and who created them. It's very meditative taking that all in while I work."

Can you believe that this alluring Edgar Allen Poe was Sue's very first portrait?

Sue has some big news for our readers!

All Natural Arts is about to launch a new special line of hand finished, meticulously detailed replicas of its beautiful creations that will be more affordable than the unique custom designs. Go to the All Natural Arts website for more information.  

Love what you see? You can reach Sue through the "All Natural Arts" websiteFacebook page or by email

Author: Gal Shyli Dayan