8 Awesome & Creepy Tombstones

As if cemeteries weren't creepy enough, these headstones do a pretty good job of keeping it macabre. After seeing these positively spine-chilling memorials, you'll probably want to be cremated.


1. Mount Auburn Cemetery, Boston

The hauntingly detailed stone pictured above is from the 19th century, a time when children's mortality rates were quite high. This decayed grave depicting a young one's bed serves as a heartbreaking reminder of those who died much too young.




2. Père Lachaise Cemetery, France

This grave belongs to Fernand Arbelot, a French actor who lived from 1880 to 1942. His unique tombstone portrays a man laying horizontally, staring into a disembodied head that he holds in his hands. Supposedly, this eerie scene is meant to represent Mr. Arbelot staring into the face of his wife for all eternity... Some say romantic, we say creeeepppyyyyyy. 


3. Salt Lake City Cemetery, UT


Lilly E. Gray supposedly died of natural causes when she was 77 years old. Why then, does it her grave read "Victim of the Beast 666?" Believe it or not, nobody knows why this hellish inscription was carved, or why her husband's grave is so far from her own in the very same cemetery. Smells like a demonic possession to us!

4. Harry Thornton's Grave


Harry Thornton was a British pianist who entertained troops during the First World War. Poor Harry lost his life to the flu pandemic that spread throughout the world in 1918. Though his gravestone serves as a reminder of his talent and service to the troops, the decayed, now almost completely ruined headstone is truly a solemn sight to behold.


5. La Palma Island, Canary Islands

Way back in 1570, when a group of Jesuit missionaries were sailing from Portugal to Brazil, a ferocious French pirate named Jacques Sourie boarded their ship and killed everyone. Only the cook was said to survive the grisly massacre. Later, one cross for each death was dropped 18 meters below the water's surface, near the Canary Islands. This underwater memorial is as ghostly as it gets!

6. St. Vitalis of Assisi

Although not technically a tombstone, this grotesque item memorializes an obscure Catholic saint named Vitalis Assisi. Before you go praying to this dude, know that he was the patron saint of... get ready... genital diseases. And yes, that is supposedly his skull in that gothic looking box. A Hollywood actor with unusual tastes won this at an auction.

7. Poblenou Cemetery, Barcelona

This incredibly striking statue marks the grave of textile manufacturer Josep Llaudet Soler. It sits in a back corner Poblenou Cemetery and it is uncertain who sculpted it. Almost spookier than the statue is its inscription, which reads:

“The blood in his veins grows cold. And all strength has gone. Faith has been extolled by his fall into the arms of death. Amen.”

8. Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France

Georges Rodenbach was a Belgian poet and writer with a formidable role in the artistic movement of symbolism. While his unique grave is meant to represent his deathless legacy and spirit, it is also slightly reminiscent of, well, zombies. 

Author: Nate Morgan