10 of The Most Haunted Spots in the United States

1. The LaLaurie Mansion, New Orleans

This unassuming building was the house of Madame Delphine LaLaurie, who was a wealthy socialite "it" girl in town. Other than throwing lavish parties, she enjoyed savagely mutilating and torturing her slaves, who she would chain up in a hidden room upstairs. Since then, people have reported hearing screams from the house and seeing the ghost of a young girl fleeing across the roof.

Today, the house has been renovated and restored and serves as luxury apartments for those who can afford them. A few years ago, the owners of the house were in the midst of remodeling when they found a graveyard hidden in the back of the house beneath the wooden floor.  They believed that it was Madame Lalaurie’s own private graveyard. She had removed sections of the floor in the house and had hastily buried them to avoid being seen and detected. 

2. Hotel Monte Vista, Flagstaff, AZ

A bar patron with a gun wound, two prostitutes, a disturbed guest who enjoys hanging raw meat from the chandelier, and a ghostly bellboy are just a few of the many spirits that are said to haunt the infamous Hotel Monte Vista. Since it first opened its doors in 1926, the hotel has hosted the likes of Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper, and John Wayne, who reported his own ghost encounter.

If you are in the area you can still stay there!  http://www.hotelmontevista.com

3. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, KY

Waverly Hills apparently treated patients with tuberculosis using painful and experimental methods. From 1921 to 1961, over 6,000 people died due to disease or the attempted cures. Some deaths may have involved foul play, as a nurse was found hanging from a lightbulb wire in room 502. Reported supernatural phenomena include slamming doors and cold spots. A woman running from the building with bloody, slashed wrists has also been seen. The site is now available for tours and overnight stays.

4. Myrtles Plantation, St. Francisville, LA

Chloe, a slave forced to be her owner’s mistress, baked a poisoned cake that killed the house owner's wife and two kids. The other slaves hanged her from a tree, and she’s roamed the property since. Then, in 1871, lawyer William Winter was shot dead on the porch. His footsteps are often heard at the plantation, now an inn with historical and evening ghost tours. 

If you happen to be in the area and you are very brave, you can stay overnight at the plantation. 

5. The Whaley House in Sand Diego, CA

The Whaley House is an 1857 Greek Revival style residence, a California Historical Landmark, and museum located in Old Town, San Diego, California. The house was the home of Thomas Whaley and his family. At various times it also housed Whaley's general store, San Diego's second county courthouse, and the first commercial theater in San Diego. Every last weekend of the month, the Whaley House Museum offers a late night paranormal investigation tour co-hosted by The San Diego Ghost Hunters , San Diego's premier paranormal investigation team, who specialize in assisting historical landmark owners in discovering or confirming paranormal activity at their locations. The tour is limited to a small number of guests who are allowed to bring cameras (still and video) and audio recorders. During the tour, guest investigators are educated on the history behind the legendary spirits that are said to haunt the house and are instructed on how to operate and utilize basic paranormal investigation tools for searching out the house's mysterious residents.

6. Eastern State Penitentiary, PA

Before it shut down in 1971, inmates of this prison were tortured by sadistic guards using unusual and cruel methods. Some were soaked in freezing water outside in the middle of winter while others had chains looped from their tongues to their wrists and bound behind their back. Meant to hold 250 people, the overcrowded prison actually held around 1,700 inmates. The ghosts of those criminals are said to lurk around the cells of this National Historic Landmark.

Now you can visit the place and take a ghostly night tour. http://www.easternstate.org

7. Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, IA

This house is the site of a grisly family massacre that took place in 1912. A couple, their four children, and two young girls who were overnight guests were slaughtered with an ax. The case was never solved. To this day, several spirits reportedly haunt the house, including a man with an ax and children who've been heard crying in the night. Tours of the house are currently offered, and brave tourists can even spend the night

8. Kehoe House, Savannah, GA

The Kehoes and their 10 children lived here happily until the two twins died while playing in the chimney. Guests and staff have since reported hearing children’s laughter and the sound of light footsteps running up and down the hallways. One guest even claimed to wake to feel a child stroking her face. All this made even spookier by the fact that children are not allowed on the premises. There is a strict adult only policy. You can book your event at this spooky place here

9. The Pine Barrens, NJ

The Pine Barrens are supposedly the home of the Jersey Devil. As the story goes, Mrs. Leeds gave birth to her 13th child which transformed into a hoofed beast with a goat’s head, haunches, a forked tail and massive wings. In 1909, area residents were so terrified of running into the monster that schools shut down and the local mill closed for several days. Some still avoid the Pine Barrens or warn their children not to swim in the Blue Hole, a natural pool said to be bottomless and frequented by the winged monster.

10. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, Weston, WV

Treatment methods at the Trans-Allegheny included locking patients in cages, chaining them to walls and liberally lobotomizing and/or treating them with electroshock therapy. Although the building was built for only 250 people, it contained more than 2,400 patients by the 1950s. The asylum offered "cures" to those who suffered from ailments ranging from epilepsy to alcoholism to “woman troubles." Since then apparitions are a regular occurrence in this place. 

For a while the building lay vacant, until the building was purchased and remodeled. The owners are now offering historic tours and daytime paranormal tours 6 days a week, Ghost Tours on Friday nights, and Ghost Hunts (which last all night) on Saturday 

Text by Nate Morgan