Nobody Will Live in this House After Former Residents Report Ghostly Horrors- But You Can Stay The Night!

This boarded-up house in Hull, England may look like it was once a quaint little residence, but the horrors that have transpired behind these white walls will send shivers down your spine. 

39 De Grey Street, also known as "The Hostel", is a 7-bedroom property with a dark past and a reputation for harboring malevolent spirits. A former resident who left the house 24 years ago claimed that she once called the police after being dragged out of her bed and strangled by an unseen force. We probably would have called an exorcist instead of the fuzz, but we can imagine how discombobulated this poor woman felt!

Accounts of paranormal activity at 39 De Grey are so rampant and terrifying that no one will agree to an extended tenancy. In fact, the longest any tenant has lasted in recent years is only 4 days!

Believe it or not, the house is opening its doors to the paying public for one spooky night on Friday the 13th. "But... is that really safe?"- you may be wondering. The answer is: Probably not. But Andy Yates, the current owner and previous resident of the house, hasn't been able to make any money from tenants. The man has to make his buck somehow! 

"I've tried to rent the house out a couple of times, but the longest anyone has lasted is four days. Some people couldn't return after measuring the house up for furniture."

Andy is no stranger to the disturbing activities that occur within his property:

"I lived in the house by myself, and I came downstairs to find steak knives balanced on the plates in the drying rack... I once saw a child's shadow come out of the fireplace and hover for about 15 minutes. When I eventually plucked up the courage to move, it disappeared back into the wall."

Mediums and psychics have visited the house and encountered phantom faces, strange noises, and evil energies at every corner. 

Clairvoyant medium Jolene Lockwood and her business partner Clare Burrows sensed the presence of a child, as well as an extremely malicious male entity when they visited the house.

"As soon as I walked into the house I just felt this horrific energy," said Lockwood. "Then I noticed a woman on the stairs who I believe had been drugged." After hearing "growling" sounds from the back bedroom, Ms. Lockwood came up against the presence of a very "aggressive" man.

Owner Andy Yates, 39

Owner Andy Yates, 39

Clearly, the house has some not-so-hidden skeletons in its closets. And now you can witness them in all their horror on Friday, May the 13th for £65 a pop (equivalent to something like $90). Don't forget to bring warm clothes, sleeping bags and some last words!

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Author: Nate Morgan

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