12 of the World's Most Haunted Cemeteries

If you're a raging taphophiliac or, in other words, a lover of cemeteries, then you're also familiar with that mysterious pull you feel when driving past these beautiful monuments of mortality; that chill of excitement when you enter hallowed grounds where countless souls rest... or don't. 

The following graveyards are infamous for their ghost-sightings and macabre pasts, and those who dare enter may very well have a brush with death. Would you visit them if you had the chance? 

1. Resurrection Cemetery - Justice, Illinois

Alison from  Flickr: limegreen367

Ever heard of Bloody Mary? Well, apparently she's also known as Resurrection Mary, after the Illinois cemetery she calls home. According to locals, Mary's apparition appears as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl in a white dress. She's been spotted walking wistfully through the cemetery, dancing, and even hitchhiking! So unless you want a ghostly passenger, we recommend locking your car doors when driving through Justice, Illinois.    

2. Howard Street Cemetery - Salem, Massachusetts

Elizabeth Thomsen from  Flickr: ethomsen

Elizabeth Thomsen from Flickr: ethomsen

In a town with a past as sordid as Salem's, we'd be surprised if there wasn't a haunted cemetery. Howard Street is supposedly home to the foreboding ghost of Giles Corey: Once a farmer accused of being a warlock during the historic Salem witch trials. If you hear tell of the curse of Giles Corey, know that he only appears before or after a major tragedy. Here's to hoping he stays out of sight for many years to come!

3. La Recoleta - Buenos Aires, Argentina

It was in this Argentinian cemetery that a teenage girl named Rufina Cambaceres was accidentally buried alive after a false pronouncement of death in 1902. The poor girl attempted to escape her coffin, but suffocated before she could fully emerge. Her body was found scratched and bruised beyond recognition, and her heartbroken family had to rebury her- this time in a newly designed tomb that portrayed Rufina peacefully opening the doors of her tomb (pictured above). She is said to haunt the grounds to this day.  

4. Western Burial Ground - Baltimore, Maryland

Gray Lensman QX! from  Flickr: toptechwriter

Gray Lensman QX! from Flickr: toptechwriter

This place has a lot going on. For one, it is the resting place of famed poet and king-of-macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. While many of the ghosts lingering within the cemetery are said to be harmless, there is one entity that can actually drive you to the brink of insanity. Known as the Screaming Skull of Cambridge, this human skull once belonged to a murdered minister, and is said to be buried within a segment of cement within the graveyard. Locals say they can still hear the minister screaming, day and night. Some who hear his pained cries can never get the sound out of there heads, and are eventually driven to madness.  

5. Highgate Cemetery - North London, England

__andrew from  Flickr: 81917335@N00

__andrew from Flickr: 81917335@N00

According to legend, this cemetery is home to the Highgate Vampire; a 7-foot-tall entity that has been attacking visitors since the 1960s. Yikes! It also boasts the the resting places of such historical figures as Karl Marx and Charles Dickens.

6. Stull Cemetery - Douglas County, Kansas

Ayleen Gaspar from  Flickr: spookyamd

Ayleen Gaspar from Flickr: spookyamd

Widely known as "The Gates of Hell", Stull Cemetery is said to be full of malevolent spirits and demonic forces, especially near the church. 

7. Greyfriar's Kirkyard - Edinburgh, Scotland

Alejandro Alba from BuzzFeed

Alejandro Alba from BuzzFeed

Unfortunately, the ghost of Sir George Mackenzie haunts this lovely graveyard as a poltergeist and has been known to physically attack visitors. It is puzzling, then, as to why there are frequent guided tours to the resting place of Sir Mackenzie. Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen!

8. St. Louis Cemetery - New Orleans, Louisiana

Rob Morrow from  Flickr: robhimself82

Rob Morrow from Flickr: robhimself82

If you have a hankering to visit the famed voodoo queen Marie Laveau, you can take a guided tour to her resting place in St. Louis Cemetery. If you knock on her tomb and ask for help in some matter, she may use her powers to assist you from beyond the grave... But- we can't help but wonder- at what cost? 

9. Cemetery Hill - Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

ninniane from  Flickr: ninniane

ninniane from Flickr: ninniane

Apparitions, phantom smells, and ghostly warnings: All things you can sample during a visit to this historic Cemetery Hill- the resting place of many soldiers who died during the grisly battle of Gettysburg in 1863. 

10. Boot Hill - Tombstone, Arizona

Kevin Harber from  Flickr: kevharb

Kevin Harber from Flickr: kevharb

As if the name of the town wasn't suggestive enough... (the founders were basically asking for a haunted town, am I right?) Boot Hill's ghost is said to wield a knife and photobomb tourists.

11. Glasnevin Cemetery - Dublin, Ireland

William Murphy from  Flickr: infomatique

William Murphy from Flickr: infomatique


Glasnevin Cemetery is home to many spirits. The most famous, however, is that of a dog that starved to death as he patiently sat by the tomb of his master, Captain John McNeill Boyd. Many accounts assert that the ghostly, ever-loyal canine can still be seen at his captain's grave.   

12. Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery - Bremen, Illinois

Antonio Bovino from  Flickr: antoniobovinophotography

The Madonna of Bachelor’s Grove is lovely, transparent lady who sits pensively on her grave and walks the grounds with an infant during a full moon. Don't believe us? She's been known to pose for photographs.  

Author: Nate Morgan