Meanwhile in Finland: Deceased Artist's Home is Filled with Over 500 Eerie Statues

Veijo Rönkkönen, a Finnish artist who died in 2010, was considered to be a recluse by everyone who knew him. When he wasn't working his day job at a paper mill, he was creating hundreds of statues at his home in Parikkala, Finland. 

In total, he created about 500 statues, all of which remain on his property to this day.

Rönkkönen never saught recognition for his art. Nevertheless, he begrudgingly allowed locals and tourists to come and view the statues. Although he rarely interacted with these people, he insisted that everyone sign the guestbook before leaving.  

A true homebody, Rönkkönen never left his country. His only escape was in the pages of the many books that he loved to read. In contrast to his daily life, perhaps, Rönkkönen's statues are often shown engaging in different mediums of wild creative expression.

Of the 500 statues, 200 portray the artist in different yoga poses. Maybe he found inner peace vicariously through his statue's asanas, or yogic postures.

Many can't help but notice the haunting, almost sinister quality of some of the statues.

You have to admit, their teeth are pretty unsettling... 

After Veijo Rönkkönen passed away, a business man named Reino Uusitalo purchased the property and all of the statues. In the coming years, he plans to give guided tours of the property and restore the statues so that people can enjoy them well into the future.

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Author: Nate Morgan