These 9 Abandoned Hospitals, Morgues and Funeral Homes Will Give You the Heebie Jeebies!

Check out these desolate, spooky abandoned buildings across the world! Since hospitals, morgues and funeral homes are often visited in times of death and hardship, we can't help but wonder what lingering "visitors" may still be haunting their decaying halls. 

At this point we realize that our readers are pretty hard to scare. To the contrary, most of you will probably want to pack your bags and visit all these locations ASAP. Just don't tell the ghosts we tipped you off!

1. Oregon State Hospital

Nobody knew what was up with the copper canisters in the abandoned basement of Oregon State Hospital until photographer David Maisel took a closer look. What he discovered was both sad and gruesome: Each can contained the remains of a psychiatric patient who once stayed at the hospital. Since then, the remains have been relocated to a more traditional resting place. 

2. Leidner Funeral Home, St. Louis, Missouri

Unfortunately, this once gorgeous Victorian mansion turned funeral home is slowly falling apart, as homeless people and thieves continue to break in and take anything they can sell for a bit of cash. 

3. St. Peter’s Hospital Mortuary, Surrey, England 

St. Peter's was originally built to accommodate the wounded soldiers of World War II, but quickly assumed the role of mortuary due to mass casualties. Though it looks like it's been abandoned for decades, it was an operational facility until its doors closed in 2009.

4. Hudson River State Hospital, New York

Though once thought to be a premiere mental health hospital in the United States, corruption and financial constraints led Hudson River State to close its doors in 2003. You can now visit the eerie remains of the building if you dare!

5. Beelitz-Heilstatten Morgue, Berlin, Germany

With architecture that is still admired to this day, Beelitz-Heilstatten was originally a tuberculosis sanatorium until it was converted into a military hospital during World War I. Even Adolf Hitler was treated somewhere within this now decrepit structure.

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6. Glenn Dale Hospital, Maryland

Located on 216 acres in Maryland’s Prince Georges County, Glenn Dale was once a large-scale tuberculosis sanatorium and isolation hospital. After closing in 1981 due to asbestos, the building was left to rot. This is one place nobody should visit- in fact it's off limits to the public because of the huge amount of filth, flooding, asbestos, shattered glass, lead paint and rusty metal that remains on site. 

7. Public Health Service Hospital, San Francisco, California

If you choose to visit this place (which you still can), make sure you visit the morgue. It's doors closed in 1981, but the original morgue equipment is still there, as shown above. And we must say, the graffiti in the top picture is pretty spot on!

8. West Middlesex Hospital, England

This once bustling community hospital was built in 1894, but was eventually closed because the space was declared unsafe. In 2003, a brand new building was constructed adjacent to the abandoned hospital. Currently awaiting demolition, the old building is still full of equipment and embalming fluids. Yuck!

9. Military Hospital, Cambridge, England

This is probably the spookiest building of the bunch! Now completely in ruin and overgrown, this military hospital treated wounded soldiers between the years of 1879 and 1996. It is now a popular travel destination for both urban explorers and ghost hunters. Would you go?

Author Nate Morgan