24 Excellent Skull Makeup Ideas

We asked our friends at I Love Halloween to share some of their skull makeup creations.  What they shared was excellent.  Here are some of the highlights.  Enjoy! 

1. Street Vendors

The amazing Day of the Dead street vendor costume from the Official Salem Witches Ball, was created by Sean Brown. 

2. Catrina

Gorgeous work by Christopher P. McKnight for McKnightmare-Productions

3. Hand Skull

Hand Skull our friend Jo Jo Negron did as a tattoo idea.  

4. La Señorita

Karen Mccoy-hefner created this costume for last year's Halloween.  We love the hat! 

5. The Couple

Jennifer Solito Urbina with her husband last Halloween   

6. Two-Faced


Christopher P. McKnight for McKnightmare-Productions

7. Misfits

The lovely Sarah Claxton for Scarah Studio 

8. Fire Skull

Makeup by Clo Sfx Artist  

9. Weeping Skull

Excellent makeup by Beckiis Photography Makeup   Excellent makeup by Beckiis Photography Makeup   

10. La Bonita

Sweet look by Kye Woodall Simpson 

11. Los Novios

Angie Burgos and her boyfriend last Halloween. 

12. El Charro

Another triumph by Sean Brown 

13. Marie Antoidead

Another great costume by Sean Brown.  He used Angel Blue contacts, a nice touch against the black and white makeup.    

14. The Heart

The heart is a cool touch. Makeup by Jazzmine Pittman.

15. Haunting

Excellent photography too!  Shared by Holly Swift.  

16. La Llorona

Moody and excellent effort by Karma Alstadhaug  

17. Terrifying!

Simple yet terrifying!  Look created by Sarah Jinxy Williams  

18. La Rubia


J'Me Shanaé Evans did this makeup while in beauty school.  We love the detailed work! 

19. The Beauty

Beautiful work by Trena Lopez Wilhelmsen   

20. Sugar Skull Belle

Pretty sugar skull makeup by Margaret Alexandra Sheedy 

21. The Singer

Pretty sugar skull makeup by Margaret Alexandra Sheedy 

22. Drop Dead Gorgeous

Lovely look created by Liane Spiller 

23. Glow In The Dark

Spooky work by Oscar Andreas Friedel 

24. ¡Fiesta!

Dia de Los Muertos party image shared by Kristen Clark Albrecht

Author: Marcos Fragoso